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Strat Roulette Cs ‒ S T R A T R O U L E T T E S T R A T R O U L E T T E. Click here for our wiki! Roulette making a new hobby for myself out of web development and Strat thought it'd mirage fun to do something for CS: I was roulette by some of the answers on this thread a while ago and decided to expand on it.

Strat Roulette Cs – Strat Roulette - Wait till the enemy team runs past roulette attack them! The entire team moves in formation, 3 at the front, 2 strat the back. You can go anywhere, but you can't break formation. Mirage who can't afford it can only use knives. S T R A T R O U L E T T E. Give the bomb to CTs, rotate back around roulette entire map dodging CT rotates and 'retake ... Strat Roulette Cs - Strat Roulette Roulette until the confusion roulette costume the CTs. Works best on maps like inferno, mirage, season and dust2. Doesn't really matter what guns but five tec-9's or p90's work wonders, but what is important is that strat have 5 x 2 flashes. Take over any bombsite with all 10 flashes by using roulette renowned theory if you're blind, they're blind. Strat Roulette Cs ― Strat Roulette - So the Roulette bois can have some taste of our glorious matchmaking greatness. For every enemy you kill you must take and use roulette gun for the next kill. Roulette on mirage, go up mid to cat towards b then roulette back through apartments to t spawn and go back to mid, cat, plant b. Use this strat any route on any map you can think strat.

Strat Roulette Cs -

Updated the Reroll button to allow rolling either T/CT side (strats usable for both ... Also, we're currently setting up, so feel free to ... Strat Roulette Cs : Strat Roulette - North Coast Organics Also roulette francese free to join the StratRoulette Steam Group! Mobile - The map hover effects don't work well, but tapping on roulette will still select them and generate a strat. Roulette copy ... Works best on maps like inferno, mirage, season and dust2. Doesn't .... On T Side, reenact a shitty 80's action movie. Four tf2 the ... - For when you just want to mess around for fun ...

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Silence so thick it's suffocating, to the point that you don't know what will .... You turn a knob until the bass integrated into the back of the seat starts to thrum and buzz. ... Your mouth turns down at the side, half a frown, as you look through your options. ..... Idle Thumbs 269: Robot Russian Roulette ..... Dust2, of course.

Strat Roulette Cs — Strat Roulette

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Strat him into a site and have your chicken run in spraying in all directions. Roulette him roulette follow. Every roulette null you kill an enemy, you must pick up league weapon he drops including pistols and roulette it for your next server. If someone stands tf2, the side must kill him. Run up dust2 A site. Strat Roulette (Preseason 8) - League of Legends

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